The best night view in Europe!

The best night view in Europe! Trip to Prague, Czech Republic


Cities that excite the hearts of those who miss travel Prague, Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary, one of the best night views in Europe.

Leaving to meet the coming Nordic spring Guaranteed.

Departure from Incheon and arrive in Prague, the Czech capital of Gandhi at 11 hours.

Astronomical clocks attract attention, but the place where people gather the most is the astronomical clock. Started in 1410, repaired several times and added additional devices.

It is a green calendar that tells farmers the time of farming by month, selling a picture without a clock hand at the bottom.

Every hour on the hour, the twelve disciples of Jesus make a hinge passing through a small window.

After the twelve disciples march, the golden water sweeps the council and closes the window, the short event ends in 30 seconds.

There is a story that Mr. Pra blinded people to the hourglass ball in order to do it.

Czech night streets are lit up with shops selling bohemian classes.

Bohemian house in western Czech Republic.


Czech rice deepens in harmony with beautiful glass tablets and moonlight

I took the Annal gm and went to Hwaseong. In the center of Pra Castle is St.

Cathedral As you enter the interior, you will see stained glass made using the best glass craftsmanship in Europe.

Sunlight through two stained glasses brightens the cathedral.

Among them, Alphonse’s work is painted directly on glass, and the fairy’s work is more a fairy tale, and

Moon’s work is not the biography of Jesus, but the story of people who spread Christianity in Czech Republic.

It is said that 100 million people a year used egg yolks sent from all over the country to make 1 leg, one of the world’s most obvious gari, mixed with 3 to make it stronger.

The towers on both sides acted as guards and used to collect tolls at the time, but now they are used as observatories.

Hill This fossil is a representative landscape that comes to mind when you check it.

To-do Tangerine is a concert hall for Czech artists Pray for a street artist who makes the Farel Bridge even closer.

The thread of the joint of criticism The tied and controlled biomat Mario lens is playing Sorrento to come back.

Ver I heard that in an Austrian house that was forced to use a mirror at the time, it was only possible to use Czech in a marionette puppet show.

The puppeteer was the only one who protected the Czech language and culture.

Now, the marionette puppet show has become a symbol of Czech culture.

After walking around the sights of Prague, I found a nearby restaurant in the late afternoon.


I ordered two traditional Czech dishes.

The beef and potato dish with savory sauce was hearty and delicious.

I met a unique building on the road along the Taba River.

It is said that it was inspired by the figure of a man and a woman and soldered.

It is a place where imagination and the history of the past harmonize to create harmony in the love Kondae.

I went back to CAREL Tangerine. You must see this scenery 3 times a day at different times.

It looks right

The next day from Prague, I left for a few hours away from Prague and left for a steel eye.

This place costs 500 won for the calendar year.

If you walk a little from the entrance, you will see a stone pillar surrounded by a screen like a folding screen.

A place appears Bobby’s pillars have been chiseled for many years, and cracks have formed, and a narrow path has been made between them.


The road between these rocks continues endlessly.

I saw it when I put my stomach in the oven Why is it cancer or something Oh, now that I start baseball, it’s not just that I know.

As I slowly come out through the crevice, I can see the rising rock pillars at a glance 5 Smoothly polished pillars of consensus testify to the history of the earth So I stand tall and walk through the brilliance again, I meet a fork like No. 부대찌개맛집

You can learn a lesson Ready, sweep it up and listen to it

Oh, dance with a mob, but then Eric beat it, this is the training completion Lee no kra Because it means Luxor right after me in this water, I don’t come with cicada, so I keep leaving, so I won’t be here again. I’m glad the temperature is out of the village.

As it was said, Escariie’s daughter is very sensible even if she asks if she’s above her when she has a name.

The pressure xml is so strong that I can understand it, so it’s a write-off. Switzerland ri Broto is now a skill.

Next to him, he is making a field in a traditional Czech bread mold.

Roll it up and pick it up. It’s a representative snack that can be found anywhere in the Czech Republic.

I can’t stand it that day, so I boil it once. Hang it

The village choir is singing to see if there is an i’m window.


They say buy one day.

We drink wine while exhorting each other and drinking wine as if we were having dinner with the gods.

Whatever it looks like, let’s like it View Subscription Hyebin.

Thanks to him, the seized ant I saw thanks to him Find and chase even the ant song with a lot of tone on the cotton One day braided sensation This year I wanted to do something I can do anything I need to get rid of the pass miss again.

Ugh, time passes The stage overwhelms the festival atmosphere.

After watching the people’s remarks for a while, go to Cesky Krumlov, which is about 4 hours away. A plane hanging in the blue sky catches the eye.

To enter the town of Cesky Krumlov, you have to pass under a bridge that looks like a cape The scenery of the times unfolds.

The castle mural is where the loser’s bear lives.

The owner of this castle says that a symbol of the Rosberg family was a bear.

You have to wait with your heart. If you enter the map of Cesky Krumlov Castle, you can meet the Scrabi Soil Forest, which expresses three-dimensional patterns by directly drawing bricks and decorations on the walls of the building.

Some so-called villages have also started the second crown of the Czech Republic, where 1.5 million people visit each year Find out.

The name of the city comes from the meaning of Curry Thermal Water.

He discovered the efficacy of hot springs by seeing them heal.


The hot springs here are famous for drinking hot springs.

There are many stores that sell hot spring water cups.

And the rest of the kissing scene shopper is bewitching I will actually finish the crab underground.

Then, hurry up and pay for the child and the whole family wants to go and spend only like this, so every effort is 10 each.

Pottery made so that you can safely drink hot spring water Heobi takes this cup and walks around the city and drinks it.

Mulinska Colonnada, one of the most beautiful buildings in Karlovy Vary The sound of a street player’s violin seeps through the numerous vestibules.

Bathing in the hot springs is good, but I think it would be a good treatment to take a leisurely stroll through the city with a drink in the hot spring and listen.

It’s a good place to rest for 3 beats during a tiring trip

Start of the trip again g Headed to Prague

bcl art, meaning castle in the highlands, burned down at the foot of Bagan

4 pcl art from the founding myth of Prague in the Czech Republic

It is also the title of the composer Smetana’s first movement in My Country

There is a stone statue of Prince Semiel and Liv 3 Evangelical.

In this place, the Czech Republic built ten kingdoms and castles.

Michelle Art’s is a cemetery where the people are ill, Miuna, mild fever, this lala, to fight, a to write this year.

I tried to use the blood, there is no covenant vix bar 5, astana Comb is Amish We will try our quest Sweater, my homeland, 4:00 p.m. Putting the puzzle here is the best thing for Czechs Czech people Smetana, the founder of music, is also taking the i10 in English while listening to my country that he composed here.

It attracts the attention of Czech artist Yohjida, who has a unique and unique personality.

Thinking about the achievements of the masters and taking a walk.

Uhschel Art is the main model of Czech mythology and the eternal resting place for artists.