Interest in art

Interest in art

Art always leads us to a better life than we imagine.

That’s why I want to know more and pretend to know more, but it’s not easy to meet a proper introductory art.

It is special in that books explaining individual works of art or books.

Focusing on reading famous paintings show depth and perspective.

What is art and what is not art?

The eight-pronged answer to the secret of art.

Can a book go through all the stories of art? This book is possible.

It will be a beautiful and useful guide for those who want to step into the world of art for the first time.


So in the end, “What is art?”’

With the appearance of the question, it feels as if the answer has been decided.

Do I have to guess what I think with the answer to the question?

However, this book is not composed of ‘answer to questions’ but of ‘what is art?’

In other words, the question is repeated again.

There is one answer to one question, but the same question appears again.

Sometimes time and time are medicine.

When tears and sighs are endless, art must stop.

Don’t soothe your mind with performing melodies and useless phrases.

When you have the strength to raise your head, if you agree to open your ears, then art must approach the wound carefully.


The power to remember sorrow.

Do we only love things that are real?

Can I love a face that I’ve never seen before?

Nevertheless, if you have to lean on something, what more traces do you need to keep loving?

The characteristic of time art is its disappearance.

Unlike the continuous existence of spatial art such as painting in space unless it is destroyed once it is completed, temporal art such as theater occurs and disappears in time and space for some time.

Time and art are not the only things that appear and disappear. Human life also stays in the world like a performance and then flows into time.

They all fade away in human memory, but in the meantime, they leave some traces.

Of course, there is a fundamental sadness in all of this, as it is different from leaving traces and leaving existence.

Love is the power to remember something beyond extinction, and to make it engraved on other people’s bodies beyond individual memories.