Good Travel Destination

Good Travel Destination


The Seoul Botanical Garden consists of an open mugwort main bell, flood 1, and a wetland garden.

The rest of the forest poop is open to the public for free. Seoul Botanical Garden is a place where you can see and enjoy plant culture together with plants from 12 cities in the world.

Yes, this place started construction on November 14, 2015 and has officially opened since March 2019.

It took about three and a half years to build.

It is possible to take a walk in the lawn yard. I personally liked the 5 Suwon with water and planted observation decks the most.

There is also a space where you can take a walk or rest while looking at the lake.

And for the main garden, which is a bay facility with a themed garden or a greenhouse, it’s better to take pictures in a really nicely manicured themed garden.

Even if you don’t go, the distance is possible from places like open Sophia or Lake One Kindergarten.

It feels really healing, so it’s good to go.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a place in the metropolitan area where you can keep distance and anyone can understand comfortably, I recommend going to the Seoul Botanical Garden.

The second tourist destination for the military commander in the metropolitan area that I would like to introduce to you is the Meil-gil Park.

Although there is a parking lot in Eulgil Park, there is no separate parking area for the disabled.

can hear There is friendship and feeling in the park, so I will tell you about taking off the citron.

Even the weak in Bohyeon can take a walk without restrictions.

Actually, inside the park, there was originally a gunpowder factory.


I made this into a park

Actually, whenever I go to the top of Solkil Park, there is a one-concept.

It’s half the size of a forest, but it’s a road that can be reached in a wheelchair.

It’s a place that feels really refreshing just by walking.

In the middle of the fairy tale, there is a resting place in the forest, so you can heal for a while in the woods.

And there is also a play area that children will love.

I liked the metasequoia forest with the mother of charcoal the best, but it was great just to be in the metasequoia forest that stretched out this week.

The sheep ranch is famous for its long breath.

You can look around the forest of trees. You can also heal in the perm metasequoia forest.

It was very good because there are facilities that children will love.

Next, we will introduce Seo Sang-young, the third travel destination for military commanders in the metropolitan area that anyone can comfortably respond.

A person with a severe disability can accompany a group of people.


Seo Samneung.

I introduced you to Seoul on the tour of the military commander of the guard, but I mentioned that there are 5 tombs to the west of Seoul Milk.

It is called Samneung.

Seosamneung is a tomb in the case of King Jungjong’s spleen.

He passed away thoroughly in 1863.

He passed away in the world Nida Seosangneung is relatively small compared to the Seoul-bound tomb, and it is a little less expensive than the goosebumps, but it is better not to use the distance db.

Seosamneung is also a really good place to take a stroll If you are looking for a place to visit, we recommend a visit to Seosamneung.

First, I will introduce the convenience facilities of the chapter first.


Sorae Ecological Park.

There is an ecological garden, but I go there early in the morning to keep distance.

There is also a salt farm study center in Sori Wetland Ecological Park.

As you go, you will see the Porter Spa Jin windmill at Sori Suu Kyi Ecological Park.

It is also very fun to take pictures in a unique scenery.

Walking is also more fun to watch.

If you are looking for a place where anyone can comfortably feel the wetland nature, I recommend visiting the Ecological Wetland Park in Isol.


Boramae Park.

You can visit Boramae Park at 33, Yeouidaebang-ro, 20-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

There is no admission fee here either.

Boramae Park will also introduce facilities for the disabled first.

In this age of management, it is possible to be in a wheelchair.

There is also a well-equipped toilet for the disabled, and there is also a ramp for the underprivileged, so there is no difficulty in moving the underprivileged.

It is also really good for taking pictures.

You can enjoy nature together at the toddler forest experience center that children love.

If you are looking for a park in Seoul that anyone can enjoy comfortably I recommend going to this Boramae Park


Interest in art

Interest in art

Art always leads us to a better life than we imagine.

That’s why I want to know more and pretend to know more, but it’s not easy to meet a proper introductory art.

It is special in that books explaining individual works of art or books.

Focusing on reading famous paintings show depth and perspective.

What is art and what is not art?

The eight-pronged answer to the secret of art.

Can a book go through all the stories of art? This book is possible.

It will be a beautiful and useful guide for those who want to step into the world of art for the first time.


So in the end, “What is art?”’

With the appearance of the question, it feels as if the answer has been decided.

Do I have to guess what I think with the answer to the question?

However, this book is not composed of ‘answer to questions’ but of ‘what is art?’

In other words, the question is repeated again.

There is one answer to one question, but the same question appears again.

Sometimes time and time are medicine.

When tears and sighs are endless, art must stop.

Don’t soothe your mind with performing melodies and useless phrases.

When you have the strength to raise your head, if you agree to open your ears, then art must approach the wound carefully.


The power to remember sorrow.

Do we only love things that are real?

Can I love a face that I’ve never seen before?

Nevertheless, if you have to lean on something, what more traces do you need to keep loving?

The characteristic of time art is its disappearance.

Unlike the continuous existence of spatial art such as painting in space unless it is destroyed once it is completed, temporal art such as theater occurs and disappears in time and space for some time.

Time and art are not the only things that appear and disappear. Human life also stays in the world like a performance and then flows into time.

They all fade away in human memory, but in the meantime, they leave some traces.

Of course, there is a fundamental sadness in all of this, as it is different from leaving traces and leaving existence.

Love is the power to remember something beyond extinction, and to make it engraved on other people’s bodies beyond individual memories.


Traveling is like fate for Humans

Traveling is like fate for humans.

Going on a trip and writing a travel journal should be an open opportunity for everyone.

I hope that I will continue to listen to the voice of my heart.

Become a person who can feel the happiness and gratitude of the moment and become a good person to the people around me.


Happy Life Dreaming

At the center of life, there is ‘time.

Things that change when you regain your lost time.

The power of time that you overlook in your daily life.

We realize that we are living a happy life dreaming.